Truck Charge Air Cooler Penrith

If you want to ensure the maximum efficiency of your truck, then you need to ensure that all of its important components are functioning correctly.

Giving You More Power while using Less Fuel

The Truck Charge Air Cooler is one of these important components. This, along with the turbocharger form part of a high-tech induction system. These two devices help to increase the efficiency of engine combustion. The turbocharger uses exhaust gases to compress air before it enters the charge-air cooler. This air is then cooled by the ambient air flowing across the cooler fins in the charge air cooler. This cool air has a higher density than warm air, which thereby improves fuel efficiency, delivers more horsepower and reduces emissions of your truck.

At A-ONE CHARGE AIR COOLERS, we'll make sure that your charge air cooler is functioning at its best. Our services are offered to those in the vicinity of Penrith.