Marine Charge Air Coolers in Australia

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Our area of expertise is the repair and maintenance of charge air coolers in Australia.

Marine Charge Air Coolers Australia,

Marine Change Air Cooler Repair

A-One Charge Air Coolers specialises in charge air cooler servicing, repairs and replacements for the marine industry. We offer a quick one-stop solution for all your charge air cooler issues.

With us in charge, your charge air cooler is degreased, descaled and goes through high-pressure washing as part of our maintenance service. Get in touch with our experts!

Providing the marine industry with a wide range of charge air coolers

Purpose of Charge Air Cooler on Boats

As an important device for all turbocharged diesel engines, charge air coolers help improve the efficiency of your boat's engine.

Benefits of a fully functional charge air cooler on a boat:

  • Reduces air temperature and increases charge density
  • Reduces exhaust temperature and engine thermal load
  • Increases scavenging efficiency and provides a safe working temperature

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Provides professional charge air cooler maintenance services on boat engines

Engine Brands We Fix:

  • Ford
  • Sterling
  • Freightliner
  • Western Star
  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Volvo

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