Intercooler & Aftercooler Repair & Recore in Australia

A-One Charge Air Coolers repairs and recores intercoolers and aftercoolers. Call us now.

When it comes to servicing and repairing defective charge air coolers in Australia, we are the experts to call.

Intercooler & Aftercooler Repair & Recore Australia

Intercooler & Aftercooler Repair

A-One Charge Air Coolers provides professional intercooler and aftercooler repair services in Australia.

A leaking charge air intercooler is the first sign that your cooler needs urgent repair. Our repair services include a complete system cleaning and a full test as per standard procedures.

Providing excellent intercooler repair services

Intercooler & Aftercooler Recore

A-One Charge Air Coolers can also recore your intercooler in case you can't afford a new charge air cooler.

Our recore process includes removing the end tanks and replacing it with a new core that meets industry standards. We also provide a full range of technical repair works for your charge air coolers.

Professional intercooler recore services

We Service and Maintain:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Industrial machinery
  • Marine equipment
  • Earth moving machines

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