Charge Air Cooler

Tasked with the purpose of cooling the compressed charge of air that comes from diesel or gas engine turbochargers before it enters the combustion chamber, the charge air cooler plays an important role in the operation of enginesĀ in large vehicles and machinery.

If the charge of air is not sufficiently cooled, the engine may not operate in an efficient way, and it may even stop functioning. This is why it's essential for you to service your charge air cooler or get it fixed for good engine performance.

With A-One Charge Air Coolers you get guaranteed workmanship and friendly service when it comes to the maintenance of charge air coolers.

We perform charge air tests to ensure the integrity and functionality of the equipment. The Charge Air Test Procedure includes:

Charge Air Cooler
  • Step 1. Remove CAC hoses and retaining clamps
  • Step 2. Insert test bungs and attach retaining clamps (be sure to attach clamps behind ridge)
  • Step 3. Apply OE recommended pressure (see OE leak down table)
  • Step 4. Release all pressure before removing clamps and bungs. Test complete.

Trust A-One Charge Air Coolers, the experts in industrial grade charge air coolers for trucks and other types of machinery.


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