Charge Air Cooler Sydney

There are various devices used in different engines that help to remove waste heat and keep air/fluid cool. The global name for these devices is intercoolers.

Keeping Your Engine Running Smoothly

A Charge Air Cooler is a device that cools the turbocharger's air before it enters the engine. This lower air temperature helps to optimise power in the combustion process. These devices vary in proportion according to the size of the engine. You will find them inside car engines, truck engines as well as other types of industrial machinery that need to stay cool. Here at A-One, we specialise in the servicing of Charge Air Coolers to ensure that your engine continues to run smoothly at its maximum potential.

If you are in Sydney, stop over at A-ONE CHARGE AIR COOLERS today, so our expert can test the functionality of your charge air cooler and fix it.